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Colectie cartele telefonice, carti postale, numismatica si carduri bancare  

Welcome to my site

In a few pages, I will try to show you some of my collection that I gathered over the years. What you?l see are not complete collections, but I'm pleased about them.

For those who intend to start collecting something, I?l give a little tip: "If you think you could ever have a complete collection, it will be very difficult or even impossible, and you'll be disappointed if you cannot have a complete collection and therefore you?l to give up you your passion, then you better not start collecting."

Because of my passion for the history of Transylvania and the city where I live, it determined me to collect illustrated with Targu Mures, Mures and The Peles Castle until now. Maybe in the future I?l fiind other attractive topics in cartofilie.

I collect coins and bills since I was a child. From my collections, they are the most valuable for me, emotionally and material. I collect coins and paper money from Romania, EURO coins, U.S. coins and lately I started to collect paper money from different countries because they are pretty interesting.

Phone cards
I collect phone cards for some time and I collected a pretty big number. So far I managed to collect about 100 from different countries, but mostly I? interested in cards from Romania and Hungary and puzzle cards that you?l be able to see in this site in the near future. The rest, cards from other countries will appear.

And as a gesture of respect for those who want to use my images, my wish is to ask my consent using my Contact!

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